Snowflake Society

Every generation in society always seems to be identified by a term such as the free love generation, Generation Z, Generation Y, Generation X, Lads, Sloane Rangers, Yuppies, Baby Boomers etc. So what is the current generation going to be remembered for? I believe it will be the Snowflake and/or reality ‘star’ generation.

Snowflake society
Snowflake society


Snowflake is a new term to describe someone who is over emotional, easily offended and unable to deal with conflict. Not really something to aspire to is it? When Britain was Great we were known for our stiff upper lip, the ability to show great self control over displays of emotion, the ability to be faced with great hardship or pain and not display your feelings or complain.

Stiff upper lip

We are now as far from the ‘stiff upper lip’ as is possible to be. How has this happened in such a short time? If we look at what has changed in this time, we have the Government, lifestyle/celebrity magazines, more disposable income, less employment in traditional trades, the internet, social media, more diverse population, higher total population, easier international travel, the so called ‘reality celebrity’, sportsmen and women becoming some of the highest paid members of society, blame culture, self publishing of music plus many others

How have these changes created ‘snowflakes’? Firstly if we look at what today’s youngsters aspire to be, some of the most common replies will be, reality star, footballer, pop star or media sensation. These are the professions which get the most publicity, earn the most money and are seen to be the easiest to achieve.

Reality ‘star’

Why study for years to become a Doctor when you see others who can make a fortune being followed around by a camera as they spend the day socialising, having cosmetic surgery, overreacting to any small criticism or comment made by a friend of a friend who overheard a person say they saw someone kissing someone else and generally demonstrating how dim and lazy they are? The so called ‘reality star’.

The Government

How has Government created ‘snowflakes’? Because it has lost its backbone. We live in a society which includes more cultures than ever before which should be fine. Unfortunately the Government has allowed these cultures to dictate how they are going to live. Government should lay down the laws of the land and the boundaries of what is acceptable and everybody has to live within these, no exceptions.

The Government should be providing the means for laws to be upheld and suitable punishments prescribed for those convicted. The chances of being caught and convicted is quite low today and if you are convicted the punishment is not related to the crime. Slaps on the wrist are common and if you get as far as jail it is seen as more of an inconvenience rather than a punishment.

If you are jailed in this country you should lose any right to practice your culture or religion. You can still worship and believe, but no compromises should be made in relation to diet or rights. The jail should dictate the treatment received not your culture. You lose all your rights as soon as you commit the crime. Human rights? Not applicable in jail, how would you feel if a loved one was killed, the perpetrator jailed and then demands their human rights and dictates how they are treated?

If the Government is seen as a soft touch by society and other countries it doesn’t set a great example to us as a nation. Then of course you get the to the fact that Members of Parliament are voted in to run the country the way its voters expect. Unfortunately, as is often the case once in power MPs tend to not want to rock the boat and will maximise their expenses claims and look after number one.

Celebrity magazines & social media

Celebrity magazines and social media are full of photos showing the homes and lives of the rich and famous. Amazing homes and lifestyles, holidays in the sun, film premiers, fashion shoots etc. It is only natural that these people are looked at with envious eyes, they seem to have it all.

However some of these celebrities do not make particularly good role models, with cosmetic surgery common, diva like tantrums and having an unrealistic sense of self worth and belief whilst showing no obvious signs of effort to help others or doing anything worthwhile.

Blame culture

There appears to be a trend for people to not accept responsibility but to blame others. Slip on ice – not my fault, someone should have put salt on it. Hurt my back at work – not my fault I haven’t had the right training. Car crash in the ice – not my fault, the road should have been treated. Not just blaming someone else but actually claiming compensation for pain, distress, loss of earnings, stress…..

What can be done?

Firstly we need to have confident leadership from the top. Rather than the Government wanting to be friends with everyone and being scared to say no incase they offend anyone, they need to start showing they have the strength and conviction to make decisions based on what is best for the country. Deter crime by making punishment swift and severe. Bring discipline back to the classroom and society.

Next people have to take responsibility for their actions, if they slip in the ice then that is a shame but if it’s cold enough for ice you have to be careful. Yes action should be taken to try and make things as safe as possible, but that doesn’t mean you can blame someone else if you slip. If you commit crime, be prepared to be punished and for that punishment to be severe.

Stop idolising the so called ‘reality stars’ they are only ‘stars’ because media and tv promotes them everywhere you look, when in fact it is just a cheap way of making a show for the tv companies. Stop with the cosmetic surgery, people who have cosmetic surgery just for looks and not for medical reasons should be thrown off these shows for being bad role models.

The same should go for the magazines and media, don’t feature those who set bad examples like the cosmetic surgery example above. Highly paid sports people should be banned if they set a bad example. They are high profile and looked up to by millions of people. Behaving badly and still earning big money really isn’t a great example.

Finally people have to start being stronger of character. That doesn’t mean not being in touch with your emotions but this should be done in private with your family, not in public. Show some spirit, work for what you want, you only get out what you put in to life and you only travel through this world once, don’t waste the journey expecting others to give you what you want – earn it.

Well, what do you think?

Please comment below, let me know what you think. Is society as bad as I think? Have any ideas?

Thanks for reading. Justin.

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