Single parent families – cut them some slack?

A young mother is out in the sunshine with her baby and toddler, hooped earrings glinting in the sun, the toddler is running ahead. Just as the toddler is about to run into the road the mother looks up from her phone and screams at the toddler to stop. Then continues shouting at her toddler for being naughty.

Young woman in cap and hoop earrings

Another mother in baggy tracksuit, which has obviously never seen any type of exercise, with two young children in a shop, children running around, arguing and fighting with each other, mother keeps walking whilst adjusting her phone tucked in her bra strap, rollie tucked behind her ear, yelling at the top of her voice for the children to stop fighting or they won’t get their Happy Meal.

Sound familiar? These are scenarios that are repeated in towns all over the country and it really annoys me. But why does it annoy me? Is it really a problem? What makes me think I would do anything differently?

What’s the problem?

I believe part of the problem – no, the main problem – is that am I comparing when I was brought up 40+ years ago in a household with both parents, brother, sister and had no idea what a Happy Meal was, with today’s young parents who were brought up at least twenty years after me.

A lot has happened in those years, we didn’t have a home phone until I was 9 years old, or a colour tv, or a car. Today it is the minority who don’t have a mobile phone, computer games or tv. My Dad worked, my Mum worked part time but was always home when we left for school and arrived home.

I was brought up in the country where we were free to play outside, we would meet up with friends after school and play football. No bother, no trouble, no adult supervision. A group of youngsters seen out today would be assumed to be causing trouble and the parents blamed for being irresponsible.

Should I cut them some slack?

Maybe rather than being annoyed with young parents I should cut them some slack. I behave the way I do, partly due to the way I was brought up, what I witnessed, the language used, the lessons taught and the peer group I was part of. In the same way, the young mothers today are also behaving (and dressing) the way they do for those very same reasons.

I also have to remember I am focusing on the single teenage mothers, when in fact teenage pregnancy halved in the eight years upto 2017, the lowest number since records began. So why am I singling out these young mothers? Just because I don’t agree with the way they are raising their children?

Your thoughts

So, what do you think? Should I stop being annoyed by young single mothers? Am I being unrealistic? Too judgemental? Please let me know.

Thanks for reading.

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Just reading through your comments on these “single” parents. The way i see things is that “if” a teenage girl goes out and has a good time, ends up pregnant she seems happy. Why would’t she ? She knows that not having any form of exam results or a “job” won’t matter in the slightest. The state will keep her, ie tax payer. Do they feel kind of guilty ?? do they heck. And lets be honest who is better off at the end of the day. The person who gets up every day to try and provide for his/her family by going to work OR the person who gets up when suits and lounges all day. IF you don’t work WHY should a single parent be given housing , and more money “spare” than the person who goes to work to keep these people. They go to McDonald’s/ have mobile phones/ smoke/even have a car !!! How can this ever be right when “some” have never payed in to society or ever will. Why on earth would you want to get up on freezing cold morning , scrape ice off car etc when you are clearly better off sometimes staying at home ???THIS is not the case for the people who genuinely want to get out to work after starting a family with a partner. Just aimed at the “foul” mouthed ones who don’t give their children any discipline , and think it’s fine to let them run wild. Then tries to sue a shop when they fall over and hurt themselves . !!!!

Hi George, many thanks for your comment. I think what you are saying is spot on and probably what a large percentage of the working people think as well. It is such a shame the government won’t or can’t see this and continues to throw money – paid in by the hard working man/woman on the street – at these ‘single’ parents and those who don’t want to work. Leaving even less to be paid to those who genuinely want to work but are unable to.
Thanks again for your valuable comment.

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