January 17, 2019

Sheep Worrying – by Dogs

What is sheep worrying? In this context, sheep worrying is any incident where a domestic dog enters an enclosure containing…

Picture of stethoscope
January 3, 2019

The NHS – A service to be proud of?

The NHS (National Health Service) is funded primarily by National Insurance contributions and general taxation, around 98.8% with the remaining…

December 27, 2018

Would you adopt a homeless person?

Top 3 charitable causes in the UK 2016 saw donations to charity totalling £9.7 billion in the UK. The top…

December 17, 2018

Has Political Correctness gone too far?

There was a time when political correctness was a reference to ensuring individuals and groups were treated fairly, with empathy…

December 9, 2018

Veganism as a Religion

A newspaper columnist, Liz Jones, believes vegans should be afforded the same considerations as a religion. If someone wants to…

November 25, 2018

Vegan Wool

People for The Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) has run a publicity stunt asking the village of Wool in Dorset…

November 22, 2018

Gender Equality

Firstly I agree with equality. Everybody should be treated as an individual human being with their rights, responsibilities and options…

November 20, 2018

How to Eat Biscuits

Chocolate digestives It has been reported that a lady asked via twitter if she was correct to eat a chocolate…