ISIS girl – I want to come home

A news story has broken in the UK regarding a 19 year old woman – heavily pregnant, alone, two previous children sadly passed away – who wishes to come home to her family in the UK to have her baby. What’s the problem you may ask? Get her home fast.

Well the problem is where she has been since she left the UK aged 15. She flew to Istanbul with two school friends and then crossed the border into Syria to join ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Levant). It was here that all three were married off to foreign jihadists (Muslims who carry out acts in what they perceive to be a Holy War).

Highly Fanatical

ISIS is highly fanatical and will do anything to achieve their goal, to establish a society based around Sharia Law, a Law rooted in 8th Century Islam. ISIS is well known for ‘radicalising’ foreigners into becoming ‘suicide bombers’ (I don’t actually like that term, I prefer the term murderers) and killing innocent people in high profile targets around the world.

Their funding comes mainly from taking control of oil and gas fields, taxes, smuggling, selling stolen artefacts, extortion and ransoms as well as seizing control of crops. In a bid to win their war they have produced a Caliphate (or an Islamic State) so disregarding normal state borders.

ISIS girl - I want to come home
War in Syria. ISIS girl – I want to come home

No regret or remorse

So what of the young woman mentioned at the beginning? Unfortunately in reported interviews given by the woman, she shows no regret or remorse for the path she chose to follow, claiming seeing a severed head in a bin ‘didn’t faze her at all’ as he was an ‘enemy of Islam’.

With claims like that, it is hard to trust her other claims that she just lived as a housewife while in Syria and never promoted ISIS and there is no proof she did anything ‘dangerous’. Even if that were the case it also leaves the fact that she didn’t do anything to stop her husband (a jihadist remember) or move her family to a safer place.

British citizen

Under International law, a British Citizen has the right to return to Britain, but, would you feel confident for your own family knowing someone who has witnessed atrocities such as those carried out by ISIS and indeed is married to someone who has carried out these acts, lived around the corner?

Would you worry about your teenage children talking to her? Would you be happy if your son/daughter became friends with her and brought her to your home? The only innocent here is her baby which at the time of writing, 17th February 2019, has been born in a refugee camp in North Eastern Syria and I wish them good health.


We all have to live with the consequences of our actions and choices. We also all make mistakes. However, usually if you make a mistake you try to put it right and show some regret or remorse for your actions. This is not the case with this young woman.

Personally, with the limited knowledge I have of this case, I feel the young woman should live with the consequences of the choices she has made. I feel the safety and security of the majority (the UK) is far more important than the wants of an individual.

To all those innocent people who have died in the UK at the hands of ISIS and their families left behind, letting someone who has lived as a member of ISIS (and still supports them) back into this country just doesn’t sit right with me. I wish no harm to the young woman or her baby and hope they are well cared for and healthy, I just don’t feel that should be here.

Your thoughts?

Please let me know your thoughts on this subject. It is a very complicated and emotional subject and I in no way wish to cause distress to the young woman’s family in the UK. Please bear this in mind when commenting.

Thank you. Justin (founder of twitway)

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