Is this what’s meant by a ‘Woman’s prerogative?’

I think most people have heard the saying ‘it’s a woman’s prerogative to change her mind’. But my partner seems to be taking this to the extreme lately. We moved into a rental bungalow around 12 months ago. It had just been refurbished with neutral (read magnolia) on the walls and beige carpets put down in the bedrooms and living room.

I was happy because it was in a great location, had a small suntrap garden, new conservatory, new paint and carpets, just move in, tidy up the garden and relax. What was I thinking?

I was soon taught that magnolia is a horrible colour and had to go. First was the living room, after deciding on green, the shade needed to be chosen. After checking out endless colour charts and various tester pots the shade was chosen. Paint mixed, we were ready to decorate.

paint brush

Cutting in and rollering the first wall, all was going well until there was some doubt about the shade. Back to the shop, new shade chosen, paint mixed, ready for take 2. I managed two walls this time, back to the shop, new shade chosen, paint mixed, take 3! Finished the room this time, looking good, moved furniture in.

Bedrooms next, apparently grey is the colour of the moment, so back to the shop. Who knew that grey could come in so many different shades? I thought it would be a choice between dark or light grey! It’s like trying to buy a cup of coffee, you have to answer 20 questions! Anyhow, choice made, paint mixed, ready to decorate. Half a wall done, then back to the shop, new shade chosen, paint mixed, take 2.

All done this time, looks good, ready to move furniture in. Now apparently our furniture won’t go with grey, so new white furniture chosen and ordered from that famous flat pack company. A triple wardrobe, chest of drawers and two bedside tables later, bedroom 1 completed.

Bedroom 2 was painted white so nice and simple. Apparently, cream bedroom furniture looks dirty next to white walls! New order to the shop that sounds like ‘eye key her’, 1 double wardrobe, 1 chest of drawers and 2 bedside tables later, all done.

Kitchen to be grey, great we already had a grey shade, get washable version and crack on. No, had to have a different shade, went to a specialist shop this time, found the shade and got paint mixed. First shock, chose durable, washable paint, diamond hard finish, £70.00 for 5 litres! should have checked that before getting mixed.

Decided we had to like this shade because there was no way I was going to waste it. Actually looked ok, but, apparently didn’t really go with the work tops. New worktops chosen and old ones replaced. Kitchen finished. No, whilst working in the kitchen, I was tasked with fitting a dishwasher as that apparently is a necessity. Integrated dishwasher ordered, I set too, removing a cupboard and fitted the old unit doors to the dishwasher. All done and looks just like original unit, result.

Hallway next, to be grey so used up what was left of the kitchen paint. Very expensive for a hallway but looked good. Bathroom, white, again nice and simple, bought white bathroom paint and job done. No, bath panel didn’t match white walls (how can anything not match white?) So bought tongue and groove, cut to size and made new panel, marvellous.

Colour pallette

All rooms done, sit back and relax. No, now would like new sofas (they were quite old to be fair). Fancies grey sofas, weeks of looking and decided on a style and colour for two snew sofa and an armchair. All ordered, left the shop and the doubts started. Back into the shop and changed the style.

Next day, decided really needed 1 sofa and 2 armchairs and if I was going in to change the order could I change the colour as well? Shop very understanding and changes made. Now to choose the paint to match the sofa colour.

After lots of changes of mind, I suggested going back to the shop to get a swatch of the material. So back to the shop and guess what, a change of mind on the colour of the sofa, apparently looked different this time. Once again the shop was very understanding (at least to my face) and with the colour now changed and with swatch in hand, paint colour was chosen.

With the new paint on the walls it will be 6-8 weeks before the furniture arrives. What will happen in that time is anybody’s guess, but I am trying not to think about it!

Updated 3/6/19 – Living room now ‘Dusted Fondant’ on one wall and paler version on the other walls. Curtains changed to match the paint!

Has anybody else got stories like this? Why is it so difficult for some people to make a decision and stick to it? Please let me know your stories and experiences, it might help if I know I’m not alone in having an indecisive partner.

Thanks for reading.

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