How to Eat Biscuits

Chocolate digestives

It has been reported that a lady asked via twitter if she was correct to eat a chocolate digestive with the chocolate on the bottom to enjoy maximum chocolate. Outrageous I say.

It would appear that McVities though, claim their biscuits are put through a reservoir of chocolate, meaning the chocolate is on the bottom. But that doesn’t mean you have to eat them that way, does it?

If I’m being posh and put biscuits onto a plate to share, I will always put them chocolate side up. Then if dunking in my tea I will eat them chocolate side up.

However just to confuse things, sometimes in the summer I will dunk a chocolate digestive into a glass of cold milk and then I prefer them chocolate side down. So many choices!

Then of course there’s the problem of having to break the biscuit to fit it into your cup and if you fracture the biscuit, it drops into your cup! They are pretty good dunkers though, not like rich tea that just have to get mildly moist and they take a swan dive into your brew. Sorry going off topic there.


What about penguins (the biscuits not the birds), I’ve been told to bite opposing corners off then dunk in my tea and suck the tea through the penguin. What the blazes is that all about I just end up with fingers covered in chocolate and an asthma attack!

A friend also said to treat a twirl (not a biscuit I know) like a penguin and bite off each end and then suck your tea up through it. I find that weird, mind you considering my friend that’s not really surprising!

To dunk or not to dunk?

As you can probably tell, I am definitely a dunker. A drink is just too wet without one! There’s a strange satisfaction in judging the ultimate length of time to keep the biscuit in your drink , soaking up as much drink as possible and then rescuing it before it falls into the ‘drink’. Mind you have you ever noticed how some biscuits seem to take all of your drink? Dunk a couple or five and your cup is half empty!

What do You Think

Please comment below and let me know the different ways in which you eat your biscuits, I’ll put all your comments together and see which is the most popular way to eat various biscuits.


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My opinion NOT to dunk. Packet of chocolate biscuits out of fridge and a nice cuppa. Lovely. No mess in my mug

Hi George,
Thank you for your comment. I like your style, chocolate biscuits from the fridge – and I must agree dunking does leave a mess in your mug – I still have to dunk though!
Feel free to read the other posts and tell your friends about twitway.

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