Has Political Correctness gone too far?

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There was a time when political correctness was a reference to ensuring individuals and groups were treated fairly, with empathy and not marginalized or offended by the words or actions of others. Very honourable although why it needed to be given a name, I don’t know. It’s basically good manners, respect, fairness etc. etc.

Unfortunately the term has been hijacked by the ‘PC Brigade’ to the point where it has become a movement. A movement often seen as a censorship so powerful, people are scared to express their individual beliefs or even acknowledge problems in today’s world.


I believe many in the ‘PC Brigade’ to be inherently selfish. They don’t like something so they try to change it. If you don’t like a picture don’t look at it, if you don’t like a lyric don’t listen to it, if you don’t like a book don’t read it. If you don’t agree with a statement, challenge it. Why try and change it to suit you?

What makes you right? We will never all agree and nor should we.

Not even historical literature, music, theatre, tv, movies or art is safe. With judgements being made based on modern beliefs and standards. Does changing a lyric, a picture or a chapter mean it didn’t happen?

The person/s that created the work or made the statement were trying to achieve something, be it raise awareness, provoke a reaction, describe an activity/moment in time or just purely to entertain. Is that not allowed now? Just because someone may take offence.

Everything has to be taken ‘in context’. You don’t deface a priceless work of art because the subject matter is seen as inappropriate today. The same with historical literature, the words used may be the same but often have different meaning today. Words can be very powerful and the best wordsmiths capable of weaving great drama and atmosphere. The subject matter may not be to your taste, so do not read it! But don’t try and stop others reading it .

Quote taken from speech by Winston Churchill about the power of words
The power of words


Political correctness is a distraction technique, or at least it is in my opinion. Whilst a song and dance is being made about whether our youngsters can still say baa baa black sheep or does it have to be rainbow sheep, wars are being fought, decisions being made, budgets being cut, illnesses claiming lives, babies being born yet some people believe that saying the word black is going to ruin society. Please, get a grip!


Try to employ someone these days and it seems like you can’t just employ someone because they are the best for the job. Don’t give the job to the black, disabled, transgender and you will be accused of being homophobic, racist and ableist even if they couldn’t do the job. Your business will be identified in social media, legal proceedings will be taken against you, just because you want to employ the best person for the job. Please see my post on gender equality.

Boys can have periods

Brighton council has approved new sex education guidance which will include telling 8 year olds that boys can have periods. Apparently this is designed to remove the stigma of menstruation! Are they really serious?

The report that has been approved by the council states; ‘Trans boys and men and non-binary people may have periods’ – ‘menstruation must be inclusive of all genders’.

Boys do not have periods! I could not tell a class of eight year olds (or any age for that matter) that boys can have periods. Are they also going to tell these children girls can have erections? I’m sorry but menstruation is a completely natural biological occurrence of females, fact!

Children’s sports

Then of course there is the banning of competitive sports as children musn’t be seen as winners or losers! Our education system is not providing youngsters with the life skills they will require in the future. Sorry but life isn’t fair, but by providing our youngsters with the skills to cope with the challenges they will face gives them the best chance of success. These life skills are as important as the academic side of education and in some ways more so.

Fundraisers not to put stickers on childrens clothes.

I have just been reading a newspaper and read that fundraisers have been advised that if children donate and receive a sticker, the sticker must be handed to the parent/adult with them. This is to avoid damage to clothing and wrongful accusations of sexual assault! I would laugh if it wasn’t so sad.

What do you think?

I’ve highlighted just a few areas where I feel Political Correctness has gone too far. Please let me know your thoughts by commenting below.

Thanks for reading.


2 replies on “Has Political Correctness gone too far?”

I am always being told by my kids that I am not being ‘PC’ or being too ‘opinionated’. What amazes me is that these kids of mine are between the ages of 13-18. How on earth did they know more about being PC than me. It seems as if being PC is restraining my liberty of thought. I was told once to take a safety pin off my top that I was using to hide upper skin, because it represented my allegiance to Trump. Needless to say, I did it. Why?

Thank you for visiting twitway and leaving a comment. When I think back to my childhood (a little while ago I know) I was always being told to think for myself and told the importance of having ‘your own opinion’. I agree that today it does feel as if that freedom is stifled for fear of being seen as un-PC when that is not the intention at all.
Kind Regards
Justin (twitway)

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