Gender neutral changing rooms

A discount clothing store has installed gender neutral changing rooms in a couple of its stores. If I’m being pedantic I’d say it was weird giving an inanimate object such as a changing room a gender in the first place, but hey what do I know?


Pictogram of male and female

Any way what they are really doing is jumping on the back of a current popular issue to raise publicity for their stores – a few simple changes in a couple of stores and their brand is publicised across national tv, radio and press – good work!

Identifying as gender neutral or fluid or whatever the latest label is, strikes as a type of attention seeking. The wishing to make a statement, to stand out from the crowd – it’s not really new, look at some of the fashions across the ages in music it can be really hard to tell if male or female for some. The more outrageous the more publicity!

This is when those that are for and those against come out to argue it out across the nation, taking gender equality to its extreme. In my humble opinion you cannot be gender neutral – oh, you can call yourself gender neutral but that doesn’t make it a fact. I may wish to identify as a pig, hell I may even dress as a pig and oink – but that doesn’t make it a fact and I certainly wouldn’t expect society to make allowances for something of my choosing.


In my opinion there are three human options – male, female or Hermaphrodite. The only other options are mental imaging – not fact. You really can be whatever you want to be inside your head but that’s where it should stay – let’s say you feel you want to be gender neutral ok, in your head you are now gender neutral. So why the need to publicise the fact, what makes you think others want or need to know?

Every person today is carrying a different self image, different experience, different likes and dislikes. Should we all where placards stating our preferences – that we like classical music, hate cheese and like the colour blue – so every time you go into a shop they must play classical music, take cheese out of sight and make everything blue?

Education and discipline

Let’s make the change now – I am not just talking about formal compulsory education but the important life education taught by parents, society, experience. Let’s get a grip, educate everybody that life doesn’t owe you anything, life is whatever you make it. There are some really big issues facing the world today yet rather than focusing on the big picture, people are choosing to focus on themselves and expecting others to do the same.

Bring discipline back, children’s lives are shaped by how they are brought up. We all need to be taught right from wrong, legally and morally and what the consequences are when we choose wrong. I am not saying that gender neutral is illegal, just that knowing right from wrong makes people think differently, make different choices, learn common sense.

What do you think?

I know this is a modern ‘hot potato’ and is much more than just gender neutral changing rooms. People do not wish to speak out against people’s choices but to be honest it is time we did. I also try to live by the – if it doesn’t affect my family I don’t mind what people do. But now this does affect our children and society. Please comment below.

Thank you

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