Gender Equality

A visual representation of gender equality

Firstly I agree with equality. Everybody should be treated as an individual human being with their rights, responsibilities and options not affected by their gender.

However you cannot get away from the fact that men and women are different. So I get very frustrated when women demand to be treated the same as men. If women want to be treated the same as men then they don’t believe in equality.


It seems to me that many women use the equality card when it suits them. Just recently it has been reported that women sentenced to less than twelve months jail terms are to be given community orders instead. The reasoning? Custodial sentences under twelve months don’t rehabilitate and women are harder hit because they have responsibilities of child care etc. Hogwash!

The sentence should be set by the crime not by who committed it. If they have child care commitments why are they breaking the law? If custodial sentences under twelve months don’t work, then ban them for everybody. 

Equal Pay

Equal pay, again the job role should carry a set value regardless of who is fulfilling the role. When recruiting, the best person for that role should get the job, regardless of their gender. You hear stories of companies getting criticism for employing more males than females. If during the recruitment process it was deemed the male was better for the role than the female then great.

Here’s a true example. We had to call an ambulance for my father, the ambulance duly arrived with two paramedics, they assessed my father quickly and efficiently, diagnosed a heart attack and prepared to transport to hospital. However when faced with getting down the stairs I was asked to take one end of the chair because the female paramedic was unable to carry him. Now don’t forget I believe in equality so it wouldn’t matter if it was a man who couldn’t carry him, either way in my opinion they were not fit for the job.

A Minority

The trouble with so many of these issues is that the few spoil it for the majority. I believe the majority of women are fighting for equality and I support them. It is the few women who go further and demand unrealistic outcomes that spoil it for everybody. 

My Solution

Take gender out of the equation, we must not be pressured to make decisions based on gender. Treat everybody based on their individual values, merits and the facts. We should not be scared to say no to people because of what others may say. Let’s have a little commonsense. 

This is What I Think – What About You?

Please comment below. I would love to know your views on this subject.

Thank you 


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